For many consumers of paper and paper-based products, the deforestation of native forests is a grave concern. Rossukthai ’s meticulous fiber procurement process ensures that every fiber used in its production comes from well-managed sources, which means either Paper from Farmed Trees (short fiber) or fiber that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (long fiber). In accordance with its Corporate Environmental Policy, Rossukthai Papers Co. gives preference to suppliers that demonstrate sound environmental standards and practices.

In 2011, Rossukthai Papers Co., LTD commissioned Innventia Laboratories in Sweden to independently analyze and verify the fiber composition of Rossukthai Papers according to ISO 9184 fiber furnish analysis standards. Innventia verified that Rossukthai papers consists of 94% eucalyptus (hardwood pulp) from Rossukthai Paper from Farmed Trees (PFFT) and 6% pine and spruce (softwood pulp) from FSC-certified suppliers. Rossukthai Papers Co., LTD has a system in place to ensure no cross contamination and only use pulp from sustainable source.


At Rossukthai Papers Co., LTD, the fiber verification process begins with the strict selection of raw materials, that is, logs from Rossukthai Paper-Tree, and continues right up to the quality of the finished product before it is delivered to our customers worldwide. This ensures that every sheet of paper we manufacture is not only premium quality, but has had a minimal impact on the environment.



Rossukthai Papers Co., LTD’s Wood Management and Chip Management teams rigorously control and monitor the quality of the logs that are bound for our mill. The mill employs stringent standards to verify the source of every log that is accepted for production to prevent contamination, ensure the consistent high-quality pulp required to produce premium paper, and confirm that we always use fiber from well-managed sources.

For efficient source and quality verification, a computerized factory management system stores all the data from each manufacturing process, and a post-production analysis verifies that the raw materials used from beginning to end are of the highest quality.

ROSSUKTHAI _ Log Verification
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