Doublea Paper Factory is a leading manufacturer and distributor of pulp, coy and printing papers in the world.

Doublea Paper Factory presence is another of its competitive advantages. From China, the company began to expand its international reach acquiring customers in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, South Africa and Thailand, entered Australia and the Middle East and ventured into Europe, Africa, South Asia and North America . Doublea Paper Factory Papers continues to explore new geographic regions in pursuit of its goal of becoming the dominant player in markets that are strategic to the brand.


We hire workers from all parts of the world to ensure that we benefit from the diverse culture of the world.


Respect is a very important principle here at Doublea paper factory. All our workers are being respected.


We do our best to see that our activities are very transparent so that every one knows exactly what to do.


Because acting with integrity goes a long way to increase productivity and hence increase in revenue and output.

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